Sameera Sullivan founded Lasting Connections more than four years ago. Her mission then – as it is now – was to create an innovative company that could provide the best luxury matchmaking services to those looking for their ideal life partners.

Her vision for Lasting Connections was born out of her work experience in the matchmaking industry, as well as in the headhunting/recruiting industry. She realized that she could employ best practices from both arenas, i.e. a matchmaking company could utilize the same techniques as a recruiting firm when finding ideal matches for clients. Instead of simply sifting through existing databases and waiting for “the right one” to come along, she would develop new protocols for proactively finding clients their ideal matches.

Since its inception, Lasting Connections has evolved to include a variety of services for all kinds of clients. We have something for just about everyone who walks through our door. There are elite matchmaking services for men and a proprietary dating app, as well as exclusive services for women, including our Singles Registry, Image Consulting, and Luxury Retreats where women can learn the techniques to revamp their love lives while having an amazing time in exotic locations.