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Sameera’s nationally recognized matchmaking track record, relentless networking, and insight into personal compatibility combine to make her one of the top matchmakers for elite gay men looking for a seriously compatible partner.
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Sameera Sullivan - Nationally Recognized Elite Matchmaker for Gay Men

Elite Match Maker Sameera Sullivan

It's a magic moment, meeting your match.

Have you reached a point where you’re tired of hooking up through apps like Grindr?  Are you ready for a lasting, lifelong commitment with an extraordinary man?

There are extremely limited options for successful gay men looking for help with their love lives.  And that is why Lasting Connections is pleased to offer a personalized, luxury service for gay singles nationwide.  We believe no matter your sexual orientation, everyone is deserving of lasting love.

All matchmaking clients work personally with Founder and CEO Sameera Sullivan.  She gets to know each of her clients intimately before putting together customized recruiting plans that include not only finding outstanding men, but also date coaching, image consulting, and other needed support.  This is personalized service at its’ best.  And thanks to her years of experience in the industry, Sameera has built up a massive network of singles to search through when choosing ideal partners.

You can sit back and relax as we take the stress and frustration out of dating. We only present matches to you after they have been thoroughly screened and vetted through background and reference checks, so you never again have to worry that the person you meet might not be of the caliber you’re looking for. Sameera and her team of recruiters are with you every step of the way, and won’t stop until you’ve met your very own Lasting Connection.

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Almost all of our clients have been referred to us, and we think that says it all.

Ms. Sullivan dynamically leads her matchmaking team with years of experience in management-level professional recruiting, elite, professional matchmaking, and private-client headhunting. Lasting Connections’ customized, concierge dating service is fully confidential — we work one-on-one with high-net-worth male clients who value our discreet yet enterprising methods.

We only work with a small group of clients at one time, ensuring unparalleled, personalized care, empathic listening, analytic prowess and intuitive grace. We call it “Heart-Reading,” and it creates a nuanced experience, providing a unique opportunity to delve into what you think you want in a mate, and what you need on deeper levels as well.

From in-depth personality analysis to breaking down your past relationships, to finding what subtle traits predict success, we are here to guide you. We’ll find out what makes you tick, what pushes your buttons, what makes you innately happy, and help you create the most exciting dates of your life. We’ll even help you refine your image, because men enjoy the “whole package” too.