Dating in New York Putting you at Higher Risk for Dating a Gold Digger?

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One of the things that makes New York City so charming is the sense that it’s one big melting pot of cultures and social stratospheres. If you take a walk through Central Park, or ride on the Subway, you’ll meet just about every kind of person you can imagine, from all walks of life.

And as part of that melting pot, New York City is a place where many wealthy people in particular come to live their lives. How could it not be? With Wall Street and headquarters of many of the great banks and other corporations of the world making their home here, it only makes sense that those who have ambition and have achieved success would establish their lives in a place with such endless opportunity.

Celebrities and entrepreneurs have even been known to say they prefer life in The Big Apple, because it’s so big and so populous they feel like they have a chance to truly ‘disappear’ and experience the anonymity they can’t find anywhere else.

Most of our elite clients are from this specific culture and way of life, and one of the problems they are most worried about is getting ensnared by the proverbial gold digger. In fact, that’s often why they walk through our door in the first place; they want help ensuring they stay away from someone who only wants to marry them for their hard-earned money. And it’s a legitimate concern; we’ve also had plenty of experience with these same gold diggers coming through our door in hopes of becoming part of our private registry.

Good news is we have a thorough screening process to ensure such men and women don’t find their way into our registry, but where does that leave everyone else who isn’t working with a firm like ours? If you’re a successful single man or woman living in New York City, do you have extra cause for concern? Or is it all just an illusion and it’s no different than any other part of the world?

First, unfortunately it’s not just in your head. Gold diggers will go where they know the money is, and while New York City isn’t the only destination on their list, it’s one of only four or five places in the world where they’re most inclined to go.

But that doesn’t mean you’re at risk every minute of the day. It’s actually easier than you might think to spot someone who’s only after you for your money, and if you can keep these couple of tips in mind when meeting new people, you should be fine.

1. Try not to be too flashy with your wealth. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of your labor and having the finer things in your life, but you have to be careful with how you flash that credit card around; we’ve found in general gold diggers are watching for the people who are the flashiest with their money. If you enjoy revving the engine of that new sports car, or want to show off the new Rolex watch, that’s fine; just be prepared for the reality that it’s like putting a banner over your head inviting gold diggers to come and talk to you. So memorize the rest of our tips to make sure even if they do come talk to you, they don’t succeed in catching you up in their web.

2. No matter how charming…no matter how attractive…there’s a superficiality to gold diggers that will come out. And if you’re watching for it, you will see it. For example, if he or she is constantly valuing you based on what you’re giving them, rather than simply appreciating you for your company, that’s a huge red flag. If they seem more entranced by brand names and designer labels than by asking you about your day or listening to your deepest thoughts and feelings, or if they’d rather go shopping than go spend a day holding hands with you in Central Park, or if they’re constantly looking for upgrades – won’t fly anything but first class, always want the penthouse suite in the hotel – and pout when they don’t get their way……it’s time to run away as fast as you can. That isn’t normal behavior.

3. Watch how they treat wait staff and others when you’re with them. This is a good tip in general but is also good for gold diggers so it’s an important reminder. You don’t want to be with someone who is rude/mean/cruel to the people simply trying to earn a living serving your dinner or cleaning your home. That implies all kinds of things are wrong with their inner character.

4. If you find yourself spending money faster than you ever have before in your life, and the only thing that’s changed is the significant other you’re now attached to, that’s something to look at. Of course, it’s normal to want to impress a new love, but if month after month you’re finding that your budget is all out of whack, you need to take a long, hard look at why.

5. Make sure you value yourself fully before you become part of a relationship; this way you can be sure you won’t feel pressured to use your money to please your partner and earn their love. No matter what the balance in your bank account, you deserve someone who loves you for precisely who you are. We often advise our wealthier clients to in fact do the opposite of what you might be tempted to do when in the throes of a new relationship; refrain from spending excessive amounts of money until the relationship has stood the test of time. This can really give you a sense of whether or not a new partner is with you for the right or the wrong reasons.

6. Find a partner who has something going for themselves already. In other words, be wary of the man or woman who has no career, and seems to just sort of be waiting around for someone to come along and take care of them. It doesn’t have to be a career that earns them a lot of money…it just needs to be a career. Or a passion. Or a focus. In other words, something that gets them out of bed each morning.

Ultimately, having money creates a unique set of problems for those looking for love, and those problems will follow you no matter where you go. But living in a place like New York City can also have its’ upsides, since having such a large population of wealthy people to engage with can also mean you have more access to people within your own network than someone living in a smaller city or suburb does.

Just remember: while not everyone whose bank account is less impressive than yours is out to steal your money, it’s never a bad idea to keep your eyes open. Be self-aware. And if you meet someone new, it’s ok to do your research; ask around and see if anyone else has met them, and if so, learn whether their experiences/impressions are good or bad. Also, don’t hesitate to look them up online and view their social media pages and what kind(s) of content they share there; that will tell you a lot about who they are and what their overall values are.

Happy Hunting!


– Lasting Connections is New York’s premier matchmaking service for discerning professionals and affluent singles. To bypass the pitfalls of dating in New York and shortcut straight to experiencing a match made just for you, schedule a consultation with Sameera Sulivan. More info at our New York location.

New York Dating: Too Many Possibilities Not Good For You?

Elite Matchmaking Dating

It’s no secret New York City is considered a city with unlimited possibilities, and generally this is considered a good thing.

But what about when it comes to your love life?

One of the first things we do after meeting a new client or candidate for our confidential registry is review his or her dating and relationship history. (This is a critical part of the process, since we can’t help a client break their unsuccessful patterns until we first identify what those patterns are.) And something we’ve observed when it comes to singles from cities like New York is that – particularly when they are younger – they often have a hard time settling down for the simple reason that they are always thinking there might be someone better waiting for them just around the next corner.

Someone who makes a little more money (even though the person they’re with makes more than enough), or has just a little less baggage (even though the person they’re with really doesn’t have much), or is a little better looking (Amal got George, and they want a George too), or……

You get the idea.

And yes, Tinder has in our opinion made this issue far, far worse. Because instead of having to get dressed up and physically go out to the bar or the club or the event to meet new people, now all someone has to do when feeling a little bored with their current relationship is swipe left or right while sitting on the couch. And in a city like New York, there’s a lot of swiping a person can do without ever seeing the same profile twice.

This observation has caused us to contemplate whether or not being in a city with unlimited possibilities might almost be detrimental when it comes to the pursuit of a satisfying love life. Because often these same singles ultimately end up in our office not understanding why they haven’t found “the one” yet, when in fact they may very well have already found their ideal match, but were too busy looking at the sea of options around them to realize it. We also can’t forget the large amount of gold diggers in New York as well.

Now, to be fair, we’re not here to say that only New Yorkers have this problem; Tinder is available to people all over the world, and overall it has made scrolling through ‘the options’ any time you have an argument with your significant other far easier than it used to be. Still, there is a different feeling when stepping out your front door in Small Town, USA where you see the same people every day, versus stepping out of your apartment building in New York and being flooded with a sea of people you’ve never seen before on a daily basis. That gives one the feeling that the possibilities truly are endless.

But is this a good thing?

Feeling like the possibilities are endless is great when it comes to things like career ambitions…but in our experience, it really doesn’t work so well when it comes to your love life. In fact, it can lead people to saying ‘goodbye’ to people who really are good matches, simply because they’ve hit one of the natural waning periods of their relationship where more work is required to keep the spark alive, and it almost seems easier to find someone new than put in the work to maintain what they already have.

So here are a few pieces of advice from Sameera Sullivan, our Founder and CEO, on how to avoid getting caught up in the ultimately unsatisfying loop of “endless possibilities” for dating in New York City:

1. If you’re currently in a relationship, evaluate how happy/satisfied you are in that relationship first before anything else. Always start with that. If you are truly unhappy, then of course don’t stay; but if you’re simply bored or restless, try to see if that can be fixed first. Particularly if the relationship is over a year old, as any issues you’re having might just be due to the fact that the initial ‘spark’ has faded and now you’ve entered the (very normal) waxing and waning periods of a long-term commitment. If overall you feel happy, supported, and accepted for who you are, it’s probably a relationship worth working on.

2. Also if you’re in a relationship, delete any and all dating apps off your phone. This might sound silly, but you’d be amazed how many people keep their Tinder profile active just so they can scroll once in a while. Even if you think it’s just a little harmless fun, subconsciously your brain is actually very seriously scrolling through ‘options’, and that isn’t the right mindset if you’re trying to commit long term to the partner you’re with.

3. If you’re single and feeling overwhelmed by what seems like endless possibilities and you don’t even know where to begin, then you’re going about it all wrong. Keep things simple; whether it’s online dating you’re trying, or networking with friends, or bar/club hopping, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find “the one” immediately. That can lead to a fear that you’ll make a mistake by choosing “the wrong one”, which can easily lead to paralysis where you aren’t able to make a commitment of any kind. We’ve seen that many times before. Remember, this whole journey is about being happy. It shouldn’t be stressful. Just follow the opportunities that leave you feeling happy and satisfied, keep an open mind, and things will sort themselves out.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand this: whether you’re surrounded with a million people, or just a dozen, a true connection with someone is still a rare, beautiful thing. Something you won’t find with just anyone. And when you find that, it’s worth fighting for. When you find someone who allows you to be exactly who you are, and supports you in pursuit of your goals and your passions, that’s all you need. You don’t need anyone else.


– Lasting Connections is New York’s premier matchmaking service for discerning professionals and affluent singles. To bypass the pitfalls of dating in New York and shortcut straight to experiencing a match made just for you, schedule a consultation with Sameera Sulivan. More info at our New York location.

The Unique Challenges Of Dating In New York City

Elite Matchmaking Dating

Just like the skyline, the subway, and the Statue of Liberty are all hallmarks of New York City, there are also hallmarks of dating in New York that can’t be found anywhere else. Positives and negatives that only singles who are looking for love in The City That Never Sleeps could ever understand.

On the one hand, New York City is a place with endless dating opportunities, and that can be a great thing for a single looking for love. It means whatever you’re looking for in a partner, you have a much better chance of finding it in a city of millions as diverse and varied as the stars in the sky.

On the other hand, swimming in a sea of endless possibilities can also lead to paralysis when it comes to choosing a partner. It can feel like something (or in this case someone) better is always just around the corner because there are always new people you’re rubbing elbows with on the subway or in the elevator or at the bar.

Worse, when in this sea of people, a person can almost feel inadequate and invisible and lose all confidence trying to put themselves out there and find a partner. “Why would someone want me when there are so many other great people out there?” is not an uncommon question people ask themselves in a city like New York. It can be intimidating, particularly for the more introverted personality types.

So what are a few solutions to these problems? We address them specifically below.

How do you overcome commitment paralysis?

First, make sure you’re clear that you’re ready to ‘commit’. If you’re always looking for new experiences and new people, it might be because you’re truly not ready for a committed relationship yet. That’s perfectly fine, so long as you’re honest with both yourself and with the people you’re meeting so they don’t get the wrong idea either.

If you’re certain you’re ready for a relationship but are struggling with paralysis due to sensory overload from all the options New York City has to offer, then the main thing you can do is simplify things by not putting too much pressure on yourself to find “the one” when you start putting yourself out there. Putting pressure on yourself ultimately just means you’ll develop a fear of choosing “the wrong one”, and once that fear is present it’s a lot harder to move forward. Take the pressure off by just trying to have fun and enjoy the process. Don’t take it too seriously. And make sure you’re happy in your own life first, so that adding a significant other is simply an added bonus, not the whole key to happiness.

How do you boost your confidence?

It’s one of the bigger struggles we’ve noticed working with singles in a city like New York; rubbing elbows with so many highly successful people on a daily basis can really take a bite out of someone’s self-confidence, as well as sorting through the gold diggers.

“Why would someone want me when they can have someone better/wealthier/younger/more attractive?” is a common question, particularly for singles in their late thirties and into their forties. That’s a common age for people to question their worth and value anyway, as they’re moving out of one phase of their lives and into another; it makes sense that they’d be especially vulnerable to questioning their value as a romantic partner as a result.

So what do you do about this?

First, you pursue what makes you happy in life. You fill your day to day routine with things that make you smile, and leave you feeling fulfilled. This includes people. Don’t keep people in your life who drain you, or who leave you feeling bad about yourself. Instead, make sure your intimate circle of friends are people who truly love and support you. And adding a bit of self-care to your daily routine can also do wonders; whether it’s taking time for a bubble bath at the end of every day, or spending time in the gym, or cooking yourself a home cooked meal instead of constantly eating Chinese takeout…making time to put yourself first will change the entire way you view yourself.

And building up confidence will automatically make you more magnetic to those around you, without you having to do a single thing to attract attention. It’s like magic.

Once you’ve built that confidence, then it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there. New York is filled with places to go and things to see; so add something new to your calendar each week, where you’re forced to rub elbows with new people, and you will find a spark with someone new, we guarantee it!

How do you make a big city feel a little smaller and less overwhelming?

New York City is big; no question. And there are a lot of people moving in and out on a daily basis. But it doesn’t have to be so big that it’s overwhelming.

This issue more often applies to those who moved to New York later in life, rather than for the people who grew up here; but we have a few suggestions nonetheless that always seem to work like a charm for anyone who does find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

The big thing is wherever you live…get to know that area and own it as your neighborhood. New York may be big, but it is in fact also broken down into more digestible neighborhoods and Burroughs. And if you shrink your world down to the blocks and streets and buildings and restaurants that make up your little neighborhood, you can start to feel less overwhelmed almost instantly. Suddenly you’ll have your preferred grocery store, and your favorite couple of restaurants where you get to know the owners and the wait staff, and you’ll start to see some of the same faces each day as you pass them on the street. You’ll start to network with people in your neighborhood, and networking is a great way to meet other singles; there’s nothing like meeting the friend-of-a-friend on a date. That’s certainly preferable to meeting someone off of Tinder or Match.

Guaranteed, over time if you do this life will become no different than if you lived in a Suburb…and in fact it will be better, because while you’ll have your neighborhood, you’ll also have ready access to all the exciting things greater New York City has to offer when you feel like getting out and exploring. You’ll never run out of fun places to go on a date, that’s for sure!

– Lasting Connections is New York’s premier matchmaking service for discerning professionals and affluent singles. To bypass the pitfalls of dating in New York and shortcut straight to experiencing a match made just for you, schedule a consultation with Sameera Sulivan. More info at our New York location.

3 Reasons Elite Matchmaking Works In Dallas And New York

3 Reasons Elite Matchmaking Works In Dallas And New York

When a busy successful single wants to be dating in New York, Dallas, or any major city, it can be challenging to carve out time to find people to date. Though there is an abundance of people in these cities, that doesn’t mean finding love is any easier than in smaller cities and towns. In fact, the larger the city, the more time it can take to search for your perfect match.


Is Online Dating in New York For You?

Many singles use online dating sites. Less than 5% of all couples met online (according to Pew Research). It can be done, but you have to devote time and know some do’s and don’ts  to be successful.

Why Elite Matchmakers Work Well In Dallas and New York

Consider this… When you have a fast paced lifestyle and work seems to take up a majority of time, would you like to have a completely confidential search team out doing the vetting for you. Just as in executive suite you have “people” searching out the best talent, the most savvy executives have a qualified matchmaker with databases and resources to find you a match that is attractive, meshes with your personality, and fits in your lifestyle. We ask the hard questions for you up front and place clients in contact with only the closest matches to their specific preferences.

What Successful Matchmakers in NYC and Dallas Do For Clients

1 – Save you vasts amounts of time. If you were to search online you’d spend 15 times more time online before you ever went out on a date.

2- The process your matchmaker goes through begins with getting to know you and your preferences, deal breakers, and personality. When a matchmaker knows the intricate details about you and what you are looking for then an all out highly personalized and confidential search can begin.

3 – Would you like to go on few hand selected high quality dates or spend time wining and dining the wrong match one after another? This concierge level of service offers you the greatest savings in time and the highest likelihood of finding your lasting connection.

An experienced matchmaker has the databases of singles in New York, Dallas or the region you’re in, networks with other quality matchmakers, and does personal outreach and custom strategies to find your perfect match. Then the fun begins where the matchmaker puts her skills to work in determining who has the right stuff for you to meet. Lasting Connections has a growing database of attractive intelligent singles and to ensure the highest quality matches we are very selective about the elite matchmaking New York clients we work with.

Learn more about our matchmaking services in Dallas and New York


Online Dating Profile Photos Do’s and Dont’s

Online Dating Profile Photos Do’s and Dont’s

With Valentine’s day approaching, and so many people on online dating sites, here are some tips on posting photos on dating sites! This is very important because most people don’t get it right!

Are you doing your online dating photo right?

This is your first impression online, so let’s make it work for you. Some of these may seem counter to what you want, but trust me, you’ll get more matches if you follow these simple online photo guidelines.

  1. Use pictures of yourself that show your personality (travel photos, you having fun at your favorite restaurant, beach….. no bikini photos though)
  2. Minimum makeup and let your best features shine..Men…no baseball caps to hide your baldness…..let the baldness shine….
  3. Have a natural photo…..maybe a photo of you in workout gear if that’s your thing….if not you can have a photo of yourself at a social event.) If you are a socialite and that’s your thing, then you should resemble that in your profile.
  4. Have a mixture of photos, full body and close ups.
  5. Make sure they can see your face clearly and your body. Don’t look like you are hiding anything..
  6. Use clear, non blurry photos
  1. Do not post group photos (only yourself)
  2. Not too many photos with you cats and dogs! one photo ok but don’t look like a crazy cat lady or cat man!
  3. Don’t have glamours shots with lots of makeup
  4. Do not have photos in a bikini……. no shirtless pics for you either. That’s right the photo above, while it’s studly, it gives the wrong impression to a woman.
  5. Do not include bathroom selfies

Take your online dating profile seriously, and so will you potential matches. Getting guidance on your profile writing and images can also position you in the best most authentic light.

Advice For The Single Gay Man

Advice For The Single Gay Man

single-gay-man-advice-1Even though as a whole society has become more accepting of homosexuality, it’s still surprisingly difficult for high quality, single men to find help and advice in their search for a life partner.  I’d get inquiries and questions all the time from gay friends and associates, wondering if I could match them or give them styling or dating advice.  And because I believe everyone deserves lasting love in their lives, I’ve made a point of reaching out to the gay community to offer my help and my services.

Especially since in this industry, overall you realize that whether gay or straight everyone is usually looking for the same things: love and acceptance for who they are.  And while perhaps a gay single might go about finding a partner differently than someone who is straight, the ultimate outcome is the same.

Given that, my first bit of advice is for everyone, no matter which side of the plate they swing from: Don’t Overcomplicate Things!  It’s true with relationships, and generally, I find also true with life.

So, for the sake of not overcomplicating things or reinventing the wheel…I’m here to tell you that finding a mate is far more simple than you probably think it is.  Take a recent statistic like this for example: did you know that a whopping 88% of all single gay men are actively searching for a romantic partner?

That means there are more of you who are commitment-minded than who aren’t.  And let me tell you, boys, that’s better odds than most single women have when looking for a boyfriend; so take advantage of that!

single-gay-man-advice-2How? You may be asking.  The solution to that is less complicated than you might think too, and mostly it has to do with not being afraid to break out of your social circle and meet new people, not with anything that’s specifically “wrong” or “lacking” about you.

Good news, right?

But there is a right and a wrong way to do this, so I definitely encourage you to read this entire article, and then if you have more questions get in touch with me so I can get you pointed in the right direction.  Because you only get one chance to make a good first impression and seeing as how over 65% of all gay men admit that they believe in love at first sight……I’d say you’d better make sure you get that first impression right!

Here are my top tips and suggestions for the gay single man:

Take Things Slow

Don’t rush into a relationship.  This can be a tough one because generally men like to move fast (gay or straight), and with two men instead of just one slowing things down can feel a bit like trying to stop an out of control train careening down the tracks……but trust me, it’s worth the effort.  Once sex and hormones are introduced to a relationship, the water is officially muddied and complicated.  I always say get to know your potential new partner as much as possible before ever hopping in bed.  Real, lasting relationships are based on shared interests and values…not just sex.

Get Off Grindr!

The cliché that all gay men want is a quick hookup isn’t true.  In fact, only 24% of all singles say they’re only looking for sex.  So if that’s what you’re running into, you might just be looking in the wrong places.

First thing’s first: delete your profile on Grindr.  Apps like this one are notorious for hookups, and just like I tell women to delete their Tinder profiles if they’re wanting a serious relationship, I’m telling you guys the same thing.  Online dating works great, but only on the sites where people are more serious about finding love and not just sex.

Be Open To Online Dating

single-gay-man-advice-3Luckily for you, gay men are far more open to online dating than their straight counterparts, which means online dating is a veritable gold mine of potential options for you.  Over 70% of singles looking for a relationship admit to having gone on dates with people they met online.  So why on earth would you ignore such a great tool?

Certainly, there are pros and cons to online dating, but with the right coaching and guidance, a person can have great success.  Just do a little research first to make sure the site you’re signing up with has what you’re looking for.  (We already talked about why that’s important!)

Utilize Your Network

You probably network without even thinking about it when it comes to your career, or even on behalf of your friends…so why not do it for your own love life too?  You’d be amazed just how many people you’re loosely connected to, and how massaging that network could lead to you meeting the love of your life!

People love the chance to play matchmaker (it’s fun!), so don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family if they know someone who would be a good fit for you.

Change Your Routine

Sometimes to meet people, the most important thing you can do is change your routine and break out of the proverbial comfort zone.  It’s pretty simple, but something a lot of people find challenging nonetheless.  We’re all creatures of habit, after all.

Review your weekly schedule and see if there are any areas you could change up a bit.  For example, try shopping for groceries at the other store down the road once in a while.  Or get your morning coffee at a different Starbucks (there’s only a million to choose from).  And please, please switch up where you go for Happy Hours; I know it’s tempting to get settled on your favorite barstool at your favorite haunt where your favorite bartender has your favorite drink ready when you walk in…but that’s not how you meet new people.  So mix it up!

single-gay-man-advice-4Pack The Moving Van

This one might seem extreme, but hey…sometimes life calls for extreme measures.  And if you’re serious about finding your life partner, it can make the difference between success and failure.  Obviously, if you can’t move for one reason or another, then this isn’t an option for you; but if moving isn’t too much of a hardship, then absolutely consider it.

Moving to a new place means you’ll be hitting all new gyms, grocery stores, and restaurants in your new neighborhood…and that’s a plethora of new people at your disposal, without even trying.  Plus, before you move, you can scope out the best neighborhoods first.

You think I’m joking?  Because I’m dead serious.  You have to go where the men are you see yourself dating; so take a little time and do some research first.  The good news is in more and more big cities throughout the country, gay populations are expanding; so you can move around and still have lots of great options to choose from!

Everything You Need To Know About Cuffing Season

Everything You Need To Know About Cuffing Season

Have you ever heard of the term “cuffing season”?

I know, I know…one more term to try and keep up with.  

But even if you haven’t heard the term before, I guarantee you’re aware of the concept, because people have been doing it forever.  It’s what happens during that special time of year when winter sets in, and people are looking for a special someone to cuddle up with next to the fire.

It’s actually a great time to meet people as a result because everyone is already “in the mood”.  So it can work in your favor if you’re single!

But like anything, you need to understand it first before you can make it work for you.

So head on over to my discussion with AskMen to learn all you need to know about cuffing season, and how you can potentially meet your next partner during this unique time of year.

Click here for the full article: AskMen – What Is Cuffing Season

Things That Sabotage Your Relationship

Things That Sabotage Your Relationship

lasting-connections-sameera-sullivan-meghann-andreassenYou know what they say about assuming things, right?

Well, not only does it make you look foolish more often than not…making assumptions and behaving in certain ways can also almost guarantee your relationship is headed for the trash bin.

I see this all the time with clients, particularly the ones I work with personally in coaching sessions.  Self-sabotage is one of the main reasons relationships don’t work out!

Making assumptions or sticking people in categories is never a good idea; all men aren’t cheaters, and all women aren’t high maintenance (as an example).  No, they can’t read your mind either; even if they’re really, really into you.  And I’ve seen cynicism kill a relationship faster than a switch turns off a light (we all know those people who don’t fully invest because they just ‘know’ it won’t work out in the end…it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy).

But the good news is there’s hope!

If you can know the signs, that’s the first step in avoiding these dangerous pitfalls.

I discussed it in more detail with Bustle recently, so head on over to that full article to get the lowdown.  And then remember, if you’re ready to get out there and improve your chances, Lasting Connections is also here to help you with the right kind of date coaching.

Read the original article here: 6 Common Assumptions That Sabotage Relationships

Dating Over The Holidays

Dating Over The Holidays

img-joinLet’s face it: holidays can get tricky when it comes to relationships.  And there are different pitfalls every step of the way, whether you’re a newly minted couple, or have been together for a few years.

I get asked about things all the time.

For singles, everyone wants to know how they can meet that special someone in time to have a perfect date for New Year’s Eve.  And it can also be really, really difficult to get through the season if you’re sort of the Lone Ranger while all of your friends have a plus one to the holiday parties.  But you  need to let go of any feelings of hopelessness right now!  Because believe it or not, people are in relationship mode more than ever during this time of year; surrounded by families and friends and soaking up all that romantic ambiance under the mistletoe.

If you’re newly in a relationship, there can be a lot of pressure to figure out what is and isn’t appropriate in terms of time spent together, and the all-important gift exchange.  I’ve seen many new relationships crash and burn because one or both parties terrified the other by giving a gift that was way too over the top too soon…but I’ve also seen relationships struggle if no gift is given at all.  So it’s a fine balance.

And for those in established relationships, it’s difficult at times to know how to properly allocate your time.  Properly determine which events you attend together, which you attend separately, whose friends you see when, and whose families get your attention on which days.  Do you spend the holiday together?  Do you split up to your respective families?  

Lots of decisions to make!

Luckily, I discuss all of this with Men’s Fitness.  So head on over to that article for the best advice and tips for navigating the holiday season, no matter what your relationship status is.

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The Cheat Sheet: Life After The Honeymoon Phase

The Cheat Sheet: Life After The Honeymoon Phase

couple-piggyback-outdoorWe’ve all heard about the proverbial “honeymoon phase” of a relationship.  It’s the time when, as the song goes, everything is awesome!

But what happens when that phase ends?  What comes after?  And how do you know if you officially have moved on to phase two?

Our Founder and CEO, Sameera Sullivan, had a chat with The Cheat Sheet about this very thing.  Talking about everything from the five signs that tell you the honeymoon has ended, to  how you and your partner can still maintain your sense of romance and stay connected.

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