The Best Outlook to Have When Looking for “The One” in NYC

While there are agencies that will connect you with people that match your desires, it’s also your responsibility to act accordingly. You already know New York City can be a tough place to find a viable partner. With 9 million people, you think it would be easy to connect with like-minded dates and great partners. There is also a lot at play here and you have to keep your wits about you in the land of dating. read more

Why Meeting the Love of Your Life by Chance is Nearly Impossible in NYC

Finding love by chance in NYC is almost impossible. It just isn’t the way the city works. Nobody is looking for “the one” when they’re going about their daily activities. New Yorkers are highly driven and are constantly busy. They tend to stay focused on the task at hand when they grocery shop or go to the gym. Sparking up a conversation with a stranger while picking up a loaf of bread isnt something that most New Yorker’s will do. read more

4 Ways To Build Trust When Dating a Wealthy Person

There are a lot of people out for things in New York City. If a person has a lot of money, they may be more guarded than the typical date. If you are genuinely looking for love and not money, it’s important to get this point across. There are ways you can avoid putting attention on money and instead, direct focus to the potential romance. If you’re able to show the person your intentions are real and you want to get to know them, you will give them the confidence that you’re in it for legitimate reasons. read more

5 Fun Date Options in the Bronx

The Bronx isn’t the best-known place for a fun date but it might just be the hidden gem you’ve been looking for. The New York Botanical Garden itself is just one of the big green spaces you can enjoy. Central Park might be the apple of your eye but Pelham Bay Park is actually the largest park in New York City. If you and your date have established that you want to get out into nature, make the trip out to the Bronx. read more

Our Top 5 Picks For Romantic Dates in Manhattan

In New York City, you truly can choose your own adventure, but sometimes this means it can be a challenge to sort through everything available to you and find a really romantic date spot. There are, however, some wonderful things to experience in Manhattan that can bring two people closer together. From romantic places to eat with a wonderful ambiance to renting your own private yacht. The following date venues and experiences are beyond ordinary and are sure to enhance the romantic feelings with any date. read more

5 Places for A Date With Live Music in Brooklyn

Affluent New Yorkers tend to feel the need to hide their worth. Not all the time but there is a psychological thought process that can cause the very rich to check out interesting out of the way experiences. Why not Brooklyn for the music scene? read more

Dating Ideas in Manhattan

New York City is a few cities in one, with Manhattan being one of the boroughs to live in. Dating someone within your borough has a lot of advantages. Keep in mind that although you’re living in New York City, the whole culture is different in Manhattan than it is in the Bronx. Where you live is a choice and also a testament to how much money you make. So if you live in Manhattan, the singles in Manhattan are fundamentally similar to you in many ways. Dating within your borough means you can add a little fun to the date/personal interview you’re about to encounter. read more

Our Favorite New York Eyebrows Place

We all have a feature we first notice on people; for some it’s the smile, others it’s the eyes, or the hair, or the skin…and for me, it’s a person’s eyebrows.  That’s probably because I have thick, hairy eyebrows that – if they go unkempt – quickly turn into a unibrow with a witch’s arch.  Because of this, I have been to many so-called “eyebrow experts” over the years, and have become both extremely experienced and extremely picky. read more

Best NY Skin Treatments

Face and Body By Runchana – Our Favorite Facials and Skin Treatments in New York

I love a good facial, not just a fufu facial; something with merit that is backed by research and experience, not simply someone massaging my skin with a product they are then going to then ask me to purchase at the end of the appointment.  And believe it or not, this can be incredibly hard to find in Manhattan, where you have almost too many choices for spas, estheticians, and skin care boutiques claiming to cater to big name celebrities and insisting they have the answer to all your skincare needs.  It’s hard enough to find someone who is a good fit for you without all the extra white noise of Manhattan glamour, celebrity endorsements, and product pushers claiming to have the next great thing for your skin (and let’s be clear: I hate product pushers).   read more

Meet Up Points for Dating in New York City

Gone are the days where a man would pick up a lady from her place in New York City. It’s far more prevalent for people to meet up somewhere. This usually happens at restaurant or bars in the borough of choice. It makes sense because many of the dates people go on now are with a relative stranger. read more

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