Embracing The Single Life

Embracing The Single Life

single life and finding a mateThere are two kinds of people who come to me looking for help finding a mate.  There’s the person who is happy and fulfilled, and therefore they are patient as it sometimes takes me and my team awhile to find their ideal partners.  And then there is the person who is so eager to find the love of their life that it borders on desperation, and because of this they’re forgetting to savor the moment and enjoy their own life journey in the meantime. read more

Holiday Dating And Gift Advice

Holiday Dating And Gift Advice

The holidays are rapidly approaching!  Are you prepared for how to navigate them alongside your new love interest?

Our Founder and CEO Sameera Sullivan was featured on CBS News giving her best advice and tips on everything from how to act around your new love’s family and friends to what make the best gifts for every stage of a relationship (whether you’re newly in love or established partners). read more

Advice For Dating Over 40

dating over 40Dating Over 40

I work with a lot of singles who aren’t just over forty, but are even in their fifties and sixties. And they all have one thing in common when they first come to me: They don’t have a clue how to ‘date’ at their age. read more

Dating Advice For The Single Father

Dating Advice For The Single Fathersingle-dad

I have clients come to me all the time who are fathers.  And no matter the age of their children, these men often feel very overwhelmed and frustrated trying to date and meet new people while balancing the needs of those at home. read more


Politics and Dating

politics relationshipsIt’s no secret this election season has been highly emotional and extremely controversial on almost every level. Even the calmest, most rational of voters seem unable to avoid getting pulled into the fray. read more