interested in online datingThe profile of a consulting client is someone who is looking for their special someone, but they aren’t necessarily needing a matchmaker to do this.  Instead, they’re needing the tools and the empowerment to become their own matchmakers.

Often these clients are younger, with access to more options than their older counterparts in terms of available singles.

These clients are people who are comfortable with using online dating, because they don’t have a need to maintain anonymity due to their profession.  So they can benefit from our virtual online dating profile management while utilizing more traditional online dating services.

This isn’t a service for “socially awkward” people, or for singles with anything “wrong” in terms of their personality or their needs.  

It’s just for those who feel stuck in a rut, who aren’t getting the results they want, but who haven’t yet reached the level where they need a matchmaker.  It’s also for those whose budget can’t support hiring Sameera Sullivan, but who can still benefit from the help of a professional.

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