Do I need dating consulting?

Great question!  And to answer it, ask yourself this: are you satisfied with the direction your love life is taking?  If not, do you feel like you know what’s wrong and why you haven’t yet found the right partner?
If the answer is no, then consulting might be for you.  There’s nothing wrong with getting help from a professional from time to time; we do it in every other aspect of our lives after all.  So why not for this?
If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, but aren’t necessarily needing to invest in a full matchmaking experience, this program is for you.  Because remember: we also customize your consulting package specifically to your needs.  We’re about helping you succeed.  We’re about empowering you to find what you’re looking for.

What is Online Profile Management

This is when your dating coach helps set up, monitor, and maintain your dating profile(s) on whichever online dating sites you choose to use.  Your date coach may help you determine which of the many sites out there today is the best fit for your needs, and then will also help you select the right photos, write your profile, and help vet potential candidates.
It takes the work out of it for you (because really, who wants to feel like looking for love is a job?). 
It’s not the same as matchmaking, in that you are still the one ultimately communicating directly with any potential matches on your profile(s)…but you have a guide on the side to help ensure you make the right decisions and make the right first impressions.

What does this cost?

The pricing and packaging looks different for each client. Like everything with Lasting Connections, we customize things based on a client’s needs. Some benefit from more coaching than others. Some need image consulting in addition to coaching, while others don’t. Some need more profile management than others.Our Coaching & Consulting packages start at 6k and go up to 25k based on the services you will need. An example of the type of services you receive are as follows:
Relationship and date coaching (Help you understand your roadblocks and how to break unhealthy relationship patterns and attract lasting love.
Image Consulting
Personality testing by a Psychologist to understand what type of personality you fit best with. Myers Briggs and FIRO, both can be very useful when receiving coaching. It not only helps you understand your own personality and who you fit best with but the FIRO can also let you know how people perceive you based on your actions, and how you can tweak a few things about yourself to attract the right partner!
Online profile writing
Online profile management for 1-3 dating sites. (This is for those of you who don’t have time to do the online dating thing and would rather have a consultant do the grunt work. Your consultant will write the profile for you, manage all the communication, and also conduct background checks on people you will be going on a date with. We will make sure that you only go on dates with people that fit your criteria.
Select packages include matches from our exclusive international singles database.The best way to figure out pricing and what to expect is by contacting us for a free consultation.
Our Elite Exclusive Matchmaking Package, where you work exclusively with Sameera Sullivan start at 25k and go to to 150k based on your needs and how many cities you would like to date in. We have singular, regional, coastal, national, and international options available. If you are a jet-setter and travel quite a bit, the regional, coastal, national, and international package could be perfect for you. We have clients who spend their time in multiple cities or even in multiple countries! No problem, we can accommodate you here at Lasting Connections and nothing is impossible!