When’s the last time you did something on your own—something exciting that was just for you? Traveling solo doesn’t just happen in movies—it’s something everyone should do at least once in your life. And if you’d like to gain some insight into your romantic life on that trip, you should travel with Lasting Connections. Join one of our exclusive luxury retreats in Italy for a rare journey into your heart—an educational journey that is also rich in Italian history.

Travel with Sameera Sullivan and her team of love experts to one of the most celebrated and sophisticated places in the world, for a once-in-a-lifetime women’s retreat at the Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany, Italy. Recently featured in The New York Times, the Borgo is an elegant 800-year-old, 22-bedroom estate, located on what the locals call a “magical” hilltop.

During the retreat, you’ll have a chance to personally connect with some of the world’s most exclusive matchmakers and relationship specialists, who will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you grow. This is a comprehensive, immersive experience that you will never forget—in a place so beautiful, you won’t believe it’s real.


Your journey begins with your arrival in the tranquil province of Siena—located in the heart of Italian wine country. A European town car will transport you to the Borgo Finocchieto where you’ll join a small group of women to relax and take in the setting and the village. You’ll indulge in classic Italian appetizers, enjoy the pool, explore the grounds, get pampered in the spa, tour the villa, and drink the best wine Italy has to offer.

The first night is relaxed and lively, a chance to get acquainted with the group while watching the sun set over the village and enjoying a catered dinner service. The next morning, you’ll be treated to a pre-breakfast music-therapy session, where melodies, harmonies and intricate rhythms are used by our sound therapist to soothe your body and soul, and guide you to a peaceful place. Later that first day, two matchmakers will serve as your tour guides on tours of local wineries, where they’ll get to know you as the day unfolds.

Over the next five days, you’ll go on to experience:


  • Guided meditations – Contact your own deep well of wisdom and vibrantly connect to the most important parts of yourself with tender love, friendly compassion, and pristine awareness.
  • Self-defense for women seminars – Become empowered and feel secure, strong, and confident with the quickest and most effective methods of female self-defense.
  • Discussion of dating secrets and personalized connection to matchmakers – Find out exactly what you should be doing to find the man of your dreams, with advice that’s straight from the hearts of matchmakers with years of experience.
  • Mature love information, and why it’s easier to find love the older you are – Your life experience is a gift. You have a deeper appreciation for subtlety, and we’ll show you how to leverage that in finding authentic, deep, lasting relationships that are based on sincerity and beneath-the-surface compatibility.
  • Inner-core energetic refinement classes – Your core muscles are the most important aspect of physical health, so we fly in an expert to teach you the most crucial aspects of core-strength development, and reveal to you what most other “core fitness experts” overlook.
  • Date coaching and flirting / The art of sensuality in your later years – Learn mind-blowing strategies to enhance your sensory appreciation of love, and find out how to bring greater sensuality to your entire life, enhancing your experience of the present moment and your connection to others.
  • Directions on where to find great men and how to attract them – Our matchmakers let you know the inside “trade secrets” of where the best matches are hiding.
  • “The art of lovemaking” and the medical secrets of sex talk – We show you how to improve your sex life in the most effective, direct, and easy ways.
  • Individual counseling – One-on-one time with Lasting Connections allows you to get an in-depth, personalized experience.
  • Events in Florence and the surrounding area – Enjoy the beautiful, and elegant immersion in Italian culture with a small group of like-minded women.
  • Ballroom dancing with Italian men – We’ll introduce you to a hand-picked array of delightful Italian men for a delightful night of singing and dancing.


We have thought of every detail, aided by the resort’s on-site, professional staff. The personalized pampering includes catered gourmet meals, lush breakfast buffets, transportation, tours, events, and, most importantly, our Lasting Connections group activities. You’ll learn from our expert matchmakers how to get the relationship of your dreams, how to bring passion and vitality to your romantic life, and why aging makes finding love even easier. You’ll speak with top image consultants. You’ll get feedback about your past relationships. You’ll bond with the other guests and look deep inside yourself in the process.

Too, you’ll have time to tour Italian monuments, go shopping at designer boutiques, explore the countryside, go wine-tasting, and immerse yourself in Italian culture. The combination of classes, discussions, exclusive consultations, makeovers, shopping, and luxury Italian events—in concert with the natural splendor of the surroundings—creates a synergistic effect. You’ll experience healing and growth as you open up within yourself and connect to the area’s rich history. It can be quite profound—our attendees say that the experience can affect you in a manner that’s simply not obtainable elsewhere.

The pictures speak for themselves—the Borgo has it all, and it’s all yours—plus a team of experts—for five nights.

Luxury, enjoyment, and personal growth awaits you in Italy, and upon your return, you’ll be ready for a fulfilling romance and lasting, deep love.

Call Lasting Connections at 1-800-836-9885 to take the next step.


How Many Women Will Be There?

There will never be less than eight women attending a retreat at one time, and never more than sixteen. This is meant to be an intimate, luxurious experience for you.

Is This For Single Women Only?

Not at all. Of course we work with single women wanting to bring love back into their lives, but these retreats can be just as beneficial for the woman who wants to breathe life back into her marriage and rediscover her passion for living.

Can I Travel In A Group?

Of course! A luxury retreat with your favorite girlfriends might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Just make sure that when you’re booking your retreat with us, you confirm there is enough space for everyone you wish to travel with before paying a fee and reserving a space.

Can I Bring My Husband/Boyfriend/Significant Other?

This is a retreat that is only for women. We understand you’ll want to “practice” everything you’re learning, but these retreats are meant to be your time to focus on you—without the distraction of the men in your life. But of course you’re welcome to extend your stay in Italy after the retreat, and have a significant other join you at that time.

Do I Really Get My Own Room?

Yes. Each guest will stay in her own private room with en suite bathroom and shower. Each room also comes equipped with air conditioning, high speed internet, television, and telephone for all your personal needs.

What Happens Before A Retreat?

Once you reserve a spot on a given retreat, you will be granted access to a private forum moderated by our staff. This private forum will be full of information, and will also be a place where you can ask questions and also meet and interact with the other women who will be attending the retreat. Our goal is to have you feeling comfortable and familiar with us, and comfortable with the other women attending the retreat by the time you arrive at the Borgo Finocchieto.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

After paying your fee and reserving your space at a retreat, you may cancel up to 60 days in advance for a full refund. If you cancel with at least 30 days’ notice but less than 60, you will receive a partial refund. Canceling with less than 30 days’ notice may mean forfeiture of the entire fee. (We do understand, of course, that emergencies happen, so should an emergency occur that necessitates cancellation less than 30 days before a retreat, please let us know and we’ll evaluate your circumstances on an individual basis.)