what is a what is a professional matchmaker?

A professional matchmaker is an expert in romantic compatibility, highly trained to bring an exciting relationship directly to you. The professional matchmaker’s goal is to find you a passionate, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, delivering the love you’ve been looking for all your life.

At Lasting Connections, our elite professional matchmakers do this by getting to know you on a deeper, personal level. We guide you to those “ah-ha” moments that help you understand what went wrong in past relationships, the (perhaps subconscious) roles you’ve played in your past romantic journeys, what you’re looking for in a new relationship—and why. Then we develop a customized plan based on our collaborations with you, and set up face-to-face meetings with individuals who are perfectly suited to you.

At Lasting Connections, we focus on a small group of exclusive clients that are looking for high-quality matches. We find the rare and seemingly elusive singles that everyone dreams of meeting: educated, intelligent, dynamic, kind, attractive, creative, and most of all, personally interested in you.

Our matchmakers have years of experience in understanding romantic psychology, what sparks attraction, how people may be suited for one another, and most important, where to find you a partner. Our seasoned matching veterans make matchmaking easier and more effective, and our confidential process means you can venture “out there” with complete confidence.

why do you need a professional matchmaker?

You are more than just a profile … assuming you have the time to find an appealing dating site, sign up, then thoughtfully and creatively fill out a profile. And assuming you have the time to search through thousands of singles, your competition is fierce. On average, women receive 70 messages a day on online dating sites. You will have to think of something clever to write when you message them, find ways to spark their interest, go through the back-and-forth of online chit-chat, then (hopefully) set up a date to see if there’s any compatibility…

Research shows that less than 1% of singles make a lasting love connection online. Sadly, most people report wasting many years and hundreds of hours online, going on dates that don’t pan out, and ultimately ending up single.

Of course, you could always go through the motions of your daily life without changing a thing, and simply hope that by chance, the perfect person for you will be seated on the plane next to you, is standing behind you in the checkout line, or will be introduced to you by a friend or coworker. It certainly could happen. There are more than 6 billion people in the world … surely one of them is meant for you.

But if you’d like to streamline the process and let someone else put in the time to do the prospecting, the interviewing, the vetting, and the introductions for you, you need a professional matchmaker. Tell us what you want from a relationship, and let our team go work delivering it. Whether you’re employing our full resources in a VIP package or using our groundbreaking dating app, Lasting Connections is here to find you “the one.”


do you do background checks?

Yes, we do background checks. Every one of your potential matches has been pre-screened and pre-qualified, from criminal history to credit checks.

how do you match your clients?

What is the secret of happy couples? What makes them a perfect fit? How do they keep the spark alive? And why do some relationships glide along easily, productively dealing with bumps in the road? These are the questions that Lasting Connections is devoted to answering, one client at a time. The way we find love for our clients—matching people coast to coast and internationally—is based on our proprietary, breakthrough techniques that create realistic expectations, incorporating your honest evaluations of wants versus needs.

We want to know everything about you, from what scares you or thrills you about commitment to what makes a person “wish-list worthy,” to your innate family values, how you feel about raising children, your religious background, education level, hobbies, deal-breaker habits or quirks that you see in yourself (or a partner), and anything else you deem relevant. We truly want to break it down, because we don’t use computer programs—no algorithm will decide your romantic fate. Lasting Connections uses a proven, organic process to consider all the factors, resulting in matches that line up on as many levels as possible.

Our approach is more “hands-on” that other elite matchmakers, starting from the top down. Lasting Connections’ owner and chief matchmaker, Sameera Sullivan, has a Masters in Adult Psychology, has worked as a top recruiter in the aerospace industry, and relies on her rare, intuitive grace—her “women’s intuition”—to create exciting matches based on chemistry and compatibility. It’s a collaborative, interactive, comprehensive and easygoing process that is designed to bring you fulfilling, lasting love.

what can i expect of my matches?

Lasting Connections specializes in introducing elite clients to exceptional partners, using many different methods. Our promise to you is that every person you date will be educated, a working or retired professional, a non-smoker, height-and-weight proportionate, and has a good heart.

where do you find my matches?

Your match may be a member of our singles registry (made up of unique and beautiful women, ages 25-60) or someone that our recruiters in the field have found for you. Our “Date-Hunters” are constantly on the move, attending networking, cultural and sporting events, and keeping their eyes open everywhere from the best restaurants to the hippest coffee shops. They are constantly looking for potential matches that meet our clients’ criteria. Too, our luxury packages include invitation-based recruiting events that we host specifically for you.

is this service confidential?

Lasting Connections’ services are completely private, and we are discreet. We work with CEOs, celebrities, and high-level professionals to whom confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We only share information with others as authorized, and each client is treated equally when it comes to privacy.

where are you located?

We work with clients coast to coast and internationally. We have offices in Portland and New York City. Sameera Sullivan personally works with elite-level VIP clients, and we have a groundbreaking dating app that’s more universal. Click here to learn about the app.

ready to take the next step?

Lasting Connections offers complimentary 30-minute consultations, via a phone call with one of our matchmakers. Fill out the form to the right to request an appointment, or call 1-800-836-9885.