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Matchmaking for Elite Men

There’s magic in this moment—you’ve just met your match.

You’re primed for love and marriage, but where is your dream woman? Lasting Connections can lead you to extraordinary women who you might not otherwise meet. We take the time to find the most interesting women, coast to coast. We vet them and get to know them, so you can proceed with confidence as we lead you to your ideal life partner.

Every elite matchmaker has her own template, but we think you’ll find our proven, time-tested process can bring you that rare, “love of your life” person — someone special, who is looking for someone just like you. And along the way, you’ll have interactive input at all stages of collaboration.

As for the women we select, each has been background-checked and carefully screened to meet your high criteria. They’re hand-picked from our nationwide pool of talented, beautiful, intelligent, physically fit and interesting women. We also have a gifted “Date-Hunting Team” acting as your proxy. Their sole job is to find exceptional women who could be perfectly matched with you.

You never have to worry about compatibility — we will custom-tailor the initial romantic experiences for each match, and your dates are interested in you from the beginning. We never match you with anyone who isn’t already enthusiastic about you.

What Lasting Connections brings to you:

Almost all of our clients have been referred to us, and we think that says it all.

Ms. Sullivan dynamically leads her matchmaking team with years of experience in management-level professional recruiting, elite, professional matchmaking, and private-client headhunting. Lasting Connections’ customized, concierge dating service is fully confidential — we work one-on-one with high-net-worth male clients who value our discreet yet enterprising methods.

We only work with a small group of clients at one time, ensuring unparalleled, personalized care, empathic listening, analytic prowess and intuitive grace. We call it “Heart-Reading,” and it creates a nuanced experience, providing a unique opportunity to delve into what you think you want in a mate, and what you need on deeper levels as well.

From in-depth personality analysis to breaking down your past relationships, to finding what subtle traits predict success, we are here to guide you. We’ll find out what makes you tick, what pushes your buttons, what makes you innately happy, and help you create the most exciting dates of your life. We’ll even help you refine your image, because women enjoy the “whole package” too.