Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking – Portland

Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking – Portland
5200 Meadows Road Lake
Oswego OR 97035
United States
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If you are single, and over 30, professional, and quite successful, its pretty challenging to find a mate in Portland. I mean Portland is a challenging city when you are a successful man or a man looking to settle down over the age of 30. Men have it a bit easier but for women its very difficult,. However, with so many new people moving to Portland, every day the dating pool is getting a bit better than it was a few years ago.

Men and women over 40 definitely have a hard time dating in this city and often look elsewhere. As a matchmaker, I work with men and women from Portland who I often match with people outside of Portland since they are open to relocating in most cases or have a 2nd home somewhere else.