Why work with gay men specifically?

There’s a bit of a void in the market for wealthy, successful, elite gay men who are single and looking for a lasting relationship.  More and more of these men were coming to us asking for help, feeling discouraged by their lack of options and tired of sites that promised love but ultimately only delivered ‘hookups’ and flings. Ultimately, Lasting Connections believes everyone deserves the chance to find ‘the one’.  So it was a natural transition to start working with same-sex couples in addition to the services already offered.

What is a professional matchmaker?

A professional matchmaker is an expert in romantic compatibility, who is highly trained to bring an exciting relationship directly to you. The professional matchmaker’s goal is to find you a passionate, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, delivering the love you’ve been looking for all your life.
At Lasting Connections, our elite professional matchmakers do this by getting to know you on a deeper, much more personal level. We guide you to those “ah-ha!” moments that help you understand what went wrong in past relationships, the roles you’ve played in your past romantic journeys, what you’re looking for in a new relationship, and why. Then we develop a customized plan based on our collaborations with you, and set up face-to-face meetings with individuals who are perfectly suited to you.
We focus on a small group of exclusive clients at one time. We find the rare and seemingly elusive singles everyone dreams of meeting: educated, intelligent, dynamic, kind, attractive, creative, and most of all personally interested in you.
Our matchmakers have years of experience in understanding romantic psychology, what sparks attraction, how people may be suited for one another, and most important, where to find you a partner. Our seasoned matching veterans make matchmaking easier and more effective, and our confidential process means you can venture out with complete confidence.

Why do I need a professional matchmaker?

You are more than just a profile…and that’s assuming you have time to find an appealing dating site, sign up, and then thoughtfully and creatively fill out a profile to even get started. And assuming you have that time, then you have to find time to search through thousands of singles, and the competition is fierce! This is even harder for gay men, as the number of websites available for dating and finding lasting love are a bit more limited. And since you’re here, that means you’re wanting more than just a fling or a hookup, which is about all our gay clients tend to get through online methods on their own.
So if you’re ready to start streamlining the whole process and taking the stress out of it, you hire a matchmaker to put someone else in charge of the prospecting, the interviewing, the vetting, and the introductions. All you have to do is tell us what you want from a relationship, and our team goes to work delivering it. With our network of recruiters and affiliates, our ultimate goal always remains the same: to find you “the one”.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, we do background checks.  Every one of your potential matches has been pre-screened and pre-qualified.  Everything from criminal histories to credit checks, and sometimes we even check character references.

How do you match your clients?

Our approach is more hands-on than other elite matchmakers, starting from the top down. Lasting Connections’ owner and chief matchmaker Sameera Sullivan has a Masters in Adult Psychology, has worked as a top recruiter in the aerospace industry, and relies on her rare, intuitive skills to create exciting matches based on chemistry and compatibility.
She gets to know everything about you, from what scares you or thrills you to what makes your ideal mate ‘ideal’. She gets to know your innate family values, how you feel about raising children, your religious background, education level, your hobbies, your deal breakers and quirks that you see in both yourself and in an ideal partner, and anything else that is deemed relevant.
We don’t use algorithms or computer programs to decide your romantic fate. Instead, we’ve created a proven, organic process to bring you fulfilling, lasting love.

Are you well networked in the gay community? Will you have matches for me?

Yes! We’re well networked everywhere, in all industries and all social groups in all the major cities across the Untied States. We are just as successful matching same-sex clients as we are matching our heterosexual clients.

What can I expect in a match?

We specialize in introducing elite clients to exceptional partners using a variety of methods. After you become a client we create a customized recruiting plan based on your life, your needs, and your personality, and our top level recruiters then get to work finding what you’re looking for. Our promise to you is that every person you date will be educated, a working or retired professional, meet your physical specifications, and have a good heart.
You will never be introduced to someone looking for a fling or a hookup, and we ruthlessly weed out gold diggers as well.

Where do you find matches?

Sometimes your perfect match may already be a member of our singles registry (made up of unique, attractive, and successful gentlemen between the ages of 25-60). Other times your perfect match is found by one of our recruiters, who are constantly on the move; attending networking, cultural and sporting events, and always keeping their eyes open everywhere they go. Also, sometimes for our more expensive luxury packages, we create invitation-only recruiting events that are hosted specifically for you.

Is this service confidential?

Yes. We take our client’s privacy very seriously, and our entire staff is trained to be professional and discreet at all times. We work with CEOs, celebrities, and high-level professionals all the time to whom confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Your information will only be shared with others when authorized by you.

Where are you located?

We have offices in three cities – Portland, OR, Houston, TX, and New York City, NY – and also have recruiters and headhunters who live and work from satellite offices in dozens of other cities. This enables us to provide outstanding service to clients nationwide.
Wherever you live, we promise we have boots on the ground who can find your special someone.