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Our client is a great man who likes to lead by action and example. He describes himself as being a very kind-hearted and family-oriented professional with a youthful personality and a gentle heart. He has worked hard to lay a solid foundation via his career in medicine, and he is now ready to find a partner to share life with. He’s loyal, and has a deep seeded love for those closest to him. He is also quite intelligent, witty, passionate, loving, and curious by nature. He believes in giving back to the community, and he tries to do that as often as he can.

He enjoys spending time with family, and the close circle of friends that he has maintained for the past 20-30 years. He is quite adventurous, so he is not someone that will be spending half his life watching Netflix. He loves to travel, and is always up for a spontaneous trip. He looks forward to learning and trying new things together.

Physical Attributes

Age: 41 years old

Hair & Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6’0” tall.

Body Type: Athletic build (hiking, Cross fit, yoga)

Educational Background

Occupation: Emergency Physician

Education: Medical Doctorate – University of North Texas Health Science Center


Location: Houston, Texas

Ethnicity: Indian

Religion: Hindu (however practices a more spiritual lifestyle)

Marital Status: Never married, No kids. Would like to have children

Social: Non- smoker, drinks socially. Does not restrict himself to strict vegetarian diet


Our client’s ideal partner is someone with a youthful soul and an infectious smile. He’s looking for someone who will gently push him to better himself in ways that he has not experienced in the past, and someone with an interesting and dynamic personality to keep the embers of life glowing.

Our client is looking for a fun-loving and optimistic woman with similar values to share this next chapter of his life with. Family is very important to him, so he is seeking a woman who believes in those same strong family ties. He has deep roots in the Houston, TX area, therefore he’s looking for a partner open to relocating. He’s ready and eager to start sharing in life’s adventures with someone special.

Physical Attributes

Ages: 27-35 years old.

Height: Up to 5’8

Body Type: Athletic, Slim, fit (enjoys regular exercise, outdoors)

Physical Features: Olive skin tones, natural beauty

Educational Background

Occupation: Open to all career paths, (flexible schedule preferred)

Education: MUST have college education


Location: Manhattan (however open to national travel)

Ethnicity: Indian, European, Central Asian

Religion: Hindu (spiritual & casual practice preferred- highly religious/conservative wouldn’t be a good fit)

Marital Status: Never married, or Divorced, No kids. Open to having children

Social- Non smoker, social drinker acceptable. Relaxed diet restrictions preferred (example: vegetarian lifestyle based on religion- may not be a good fit)

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