What is a Professional Matchmaker?

Lasting Connection’s matchmakers bring an exciting relationship directly to you – they deliver the love you’ve been looking for all your life.

A real matchmaker is a highly-trained romantic-compatibility expert whose primary goal is finding you a passionate, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship. Our matchmakers do this by understanding each client on a specific and personal level. We assess what in your relationship past has gone right and gone wrong, uncover what you’re looking for out of a relationship and why, and then we develop a customized plan to collaboratively set up face-to-face meetings with individuals who are perfectly suited for you.

We focus on a small team of elite clients who are looking for premium-quality matches – the rare and elusive singles that most people dream of meeting: Educated, intelligent, dynamic, kind, attractive, creative, and personally interested in you.

Our matchmakers have years of experience in understanding romantic psychology, what makes attraction occur, how people are perfectly suited for one another, and where to find you partners. Matchmaking has never been easier and more effective, with the power of the internet and seasoned matching veterans.

Why use a Professional Matchmaker?

It would take hundreds of hours of your time to manually browse everyone available in your area with online profiles, and then you’d have to go through the back-and-forth tedious mill of messaging them, setting up a date, seeing if there’s any compatibility at all, if they are interested you, and if not, repeating the process, tediously, tiresomely, frustratingly. Women receive an average of 70 messages a day on online dating – it’s information overload, and doesn’t allow anyone to get to know the real you – your small profile description cannot encapsulate everything.

Or, you could simply wait and hope the match of your dreams will fall into your lap by happenstance, by chance, by someone just happening to set you up with their cute friend. But with 6 billion people in the world, you could be waiting a long time.

What Lasting Connections does is partner you with a relationship professional, someone who has years of experience arranging dates and introductions, selecting people who are a “golden fit” for one another, and then match you with men and women we find in the unlikeliest places – from our singles registry to our private databases to the grocery store, your matches will have been pre-screened and pre-qualified by us and interested in someone exactly like you. We give you a selection of matches that are exactly what you’re looking for, that are already pre-interested in you – and we find them from locations you wouldn’t think to look, both online and offline, using a datehunting team. We form initial introductions, perform background checks, host bachelor or bachelorette nights where you can screen ten interested singles at once, set up dates, and create excitement about you in the matches.

A matchmaker takes all of the hassle out of dating. You can finally sit back and let someone else bring you exactly what you want in a relationship. Tell us what you want out of a relationship, and let our team go to work delivering it.

Shouldn't I Just Search the Internet?

Research shows that less than 1% of online singles ever make a lasting love connection. The people you meet online often do not turn out to be as they portrayed themselves. Most people prefer to know the stranger they’re going out with has already been through a background check for arrests or criminal activity and has been approved to be suitable by someone you trust. Sadly, most people report they wasted hundreds of hours online, and at the end they were still single.

Many people have used online dating for years and never succeeded. It takes hundreds of hours of your life to go on dates with people you may not want anything to do with, to screen people before your date for compatibility, and then to finally go through the hassle of dates which never pan out. Matchmakers specialize in making romance easy for you – online dating is hard, time-consuming, and uncertain. You have to pick the right pictures, make your profile describe you in the exactly right way, go through the messaging treadmill, talk on the phone, and then finally encounter one another somewhere. And that’s each and every time. Matchmaking is a collaborative process in which our team does what would take you months – we find higher quality singles than on public online dating sites, and we have access to singles not found elsewhere. We search multiple locations for the real people you want – people who generally don’t have time for online dating.

Do you do Background Checks?

Yes. Every match of yours has been pre-screened and pre-qualified, subject to a thorough background check before their first date. We check criminal history, arrests, and other negative data that is available nationwide.

How do you Match Your Clients?

There are many different factors that determine romantic chemistry that most people aren’t aware of. Perhaps you’ve known two people who seem like a perfect fit for each other – what is it that gives the “spark” to couples who are in love, whose relationship seems to glide along easily, with no troubles in it at all? What is the secret to couples who are in love and stay in love for decades? Who look forward to each day they wake up next to their partner? Lasting Connections has been devoted to finding out the answers to these questions for years, and also has been devoted to realistically sharing the breakthrough techniques that result in lasting love with our exclusive and small team of clients.

At Lasting Connections, we meet every potential client personally. During the initial meeting, we will chat with you about everything from a “wish list” to family values and where to raise your children, to habits you like in a partner, mannerisms, background, education level, hobbies, siblings, and anything else you deem relevant. There are no computer programs on earth that can truly match clients properly – it’s a roulette wheel to hope you meet someone organically or by endlessly browsing hundreds of profiles online with no knowledge of their exact personality. This is what is unique about Lasting Connections matchmaking service. We provide a “hands-on” approach with extensive follow-up and feedback after each introduction. Lasting Connections owner, Sameera Sullivan, has a Masters in Adult Psychology, has worked as a top recruiter in the Aerospace industry, and has a rare intuitive grace – a “sixth sense” about chemistry and dating. She uses her experience along with a little “woman’s intuition,” to determine who belongs with whom in a collaborative, interactive, comprehensive and easy-going process.

What Can I Expect of my Matches?

Lasting Connection specializes in introducing elite clients to exceptional and rare partners using many different methods. Every person you date will be educated, a working or retired professional, non-smoker, height and weight proportionate, and have a good heart, like you. Your match may be a member of our registry or someone that our recruiters have found for you. Our recruiters are constantly out at networking and sporting events, the best restaurants, coffee shops and cultural events seeking potential matches that meet our clients’ criteria. Our luxury packages include recruiting events that we host specifically to find matches for a particular client.

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How Private and Discrete is this Service?

This service is totally private and discrete. We work with many CEOs and high-level professionals to whom confidentiality is important. We only share the information with others as you authorize. All clients are treated equally when it comes to privacy.

Where are you located?

Our primary offices are in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California. We are able to make flight arrangements for eligible elite singles elsewhere on the West Coast.

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