Our Favorite New York Eyebrows Place

We all have a feature we first notice on people; for some it’s the smile, others it’s the eyes, or the hair, or the skin…and for me, it’s a person’s eyebrows.  That’s probably because I have thick, hairy eyebrows that – if they go unkempt – quickly turn into a unibrow with a witch’s arch.  Because of this, I have been to many so-called “eyebrow experts” over the years, and have become both extremely experienced and extremely picky. read more

Best NY Skin Treatments

Face and Body By Runchana – Our Favorite Facials and Skin Treatments in New York

I love a good facial, not just a fufu facial; something with merit that is backed by research and experience, not simply someone massaging my skin with a product they are then going to then ask me to purchase at the end of the appointment.  And believe it or not, this can be incredibly hard to find in Manhattan, where you have almost too many choices for spas, estheticians, and skin care boutiques claiming to cater to big name celebrities and insisting they have the answer to all your skincare needs.  It’s hard enough to find someone who is a good fit for you without all the extra white noise of Manhattan glamour, celebrity endorsements, and product pushers claiming to have the next great thing for your skin (and let’s be clear: I hate product pushers).   read more