Meet Up Points for Dating in New York City

Gone are the days where a man would pick up a lady from her place in New York City. It’s far more prevalent for people to meet up somewhere. This usually happens at restaurant or bars in the borough of choice. It makes sense because many of the dates people go on now are with a relative stranger. read more

Ways to Tell if He/She is a Snob on the First Date

Getting involved with a Manhattan snob is the last thing you want to do. While it might seem harmless at first, it will have a negative impact on your life. Someone who vilifies Brooklyn and outright states they would never be seen in the place has the snob virus. read more

Dating Ideas in The Bronx

The Bronx has been vastly underrated for their venues, establishments, and events. Unlike some of the other boroughs, you can actually afford to go out in your area. Not only is rent cheaper for working-class New Yorkers that were forced out of other boroughs, there’s also an endless amount of options for date places. The Bronx has theaters, museums, cricket pitches, an equestrian center, baseball, and green markets. It’s a really dynamic place that would be fun to discover with your date. read more

Dating Ideas in Queens

Queens is a constant evolving neighborhood. From block to block, you can experience something different. There’s a vibrancy here with shiny high-rises that overlook the waterside of Gantry Plaza State Park. While it traditionally attracted artists and executives, nonlocals are starting to move in. There are plenty of romantic settings here and fun attractions that ease the first date jitters. Here are some date night ideas in Queens that will conjure up romantic vibes. read more

Dating Ideas in Brooklyn

This densely populated area of NYC has nearly 3 million people living in it. The borough is stuffed full of great things to do. It can be cheap or expensive, it’s really up to you. Brooklyn has so many things to do that the main problem is choosing. The list of places to eat, drink, and do, is constantly growing. Here are some of the top places as of late to go for a date that will nurture the potential for a romantic connection. read more