Is Tinder Killing the New York Dating Scene?

Girl on Tinder in NYC

Many New Yorkers have said that Tinder negatively affected the dating scene in a city where dating already comes with enough challenges. New Yorkers are busy, they are specifically looking for people in their boroughs. Even more to consider is that single men have a lot of dating options out on the streets already never mind more options online. read more

Does New York Really Keep People Single Longer?

NY Single Ladies

The percentage of Manhattan dwellers that live alone are more than 50%. The state of New York has the highest percentage of women that have never been married. In NYC, that percentage is higher. The national average for people getting married in NY is 31 for women and 33 for men. While that may be a little higher than other cities, it’s not that over the top. Men and women came to this great city because they were ambitious. They were looking to enter a fulfilling career and enjoy all the wonderment of the city. read more

Can Dating Help You Get More Out of New York?

Dating in New York comes with its ups and downs but at the end of the day, you can experience more in the city with someone else. This might make it more appealing to get yourself out there and start going out on more dates. It’s a lot more fun to go to the David Zwimmer Gallery in Chelsea and check out the latest exhibits with someone else who would appreciate it. read more

Why Some People Only Date Within Their Borough

Some will say that it’s hard to stand out in New York City if you’re looking to date. With so many singles, it should be easy to connect. There are ways to make your dating experience easier. One of the best ways is to date within your borough. Living in New York is different than other cities in the world. read more