Unusual Dating Trends in NY  

New York City is a trendsetter for nearly everything from fashion to finance to food. It’s also trend-savvy when it comes to socializing. The dating scene offers a myriad of ways for people to have fun dating and meet someone special. Singles in the city of New York get pretty frustrated with the meet market of speed dating along with apps like Tinder. There are 150,000 more single women in New York than there are men. This can feel pretty disheartening if everyone is placing value on a person’s looks. read more

Specific Challenges of Dating in NYC

The challenges of dating in New York City are fairly exclusive. While there are dating woes throughout the world, a city of this size tends to exacerbate the regular issues we face. Perhaps because of the anonymity, such a large city allows, it’s easier to just ghost someone. Chances are, you’ll never see them again. There are very few repercussions since the abundance of singles makes for easy dating. read more